Picked Sound: El Mundo & Zazou Live @ Sonnendeck // Fusion Festival 2019

We hope you enjoyed our liveset at Fusion. Relive it again here. x

“Every journey starts with a motion, every motion with a spark. The compositions by El Mundo & Zazou wish to become your travel companions, drifting along wherever your sparks fly.”

Art Of Life – He Is Behind Your Eyes (El Mundo & Zazou Remix)
E&Z – Spiral Drops
Wisqo – Homoom (El Mundo & Zazou Remix)
E&Z – Can You See What I See
E&Z – What Remains
E&Z – What’s It Gonna Be
E&Z – Golden Skies
E&Z – Where Have We Been
E&Z – Water Molecules
E&Z – Forever Again
E&Z – Fractions
E&Z – House Of Lights


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