Picked Sound: KNT003 R.EK – N.T.E. (Original) [KnotenMusic]

N.T.E. opens with a racing heartbeat, describing the menacing grace of falling into an abyss in
the first part of the track, and outlining the battle of coming back to life in the second part.
N.T.E. tells the story of a near-death experience, and explores the phenomenon in the form of a
Melodic Techno track—delicately and without any unnecessary sensationalism. It’s the
prevailing dichotomy, resonating in the details, that makes the track so appealing: You’ll find
yourself balancing on the edge of a cliff—between stirring certainty, comforting hope, and a
liberating battle.

About R.EK
Being resident DJ at Hive Club in Zurich, Switzerland for several years, R.EK has established a
reputation as an artist who is able to capture the mood of the audience, and to incorporate it
into his live DJ set. During the last two years, R.EK was working on fine-tuning his live sets, and
he spent hours in his studio working on his own productions. The result thereof is a respectably
sized repertoire—and some of these tracks are meant to see the light of day in the upcoming

About KNOTEN [KnotenMusic]
Under the umbrella of KNOTEN, R.EK is currently developing a new live performance concept
that attempts to reinvent the communication between the artist and the audience by adding
innovative visuals to the show. The new track will be released under KnotenMusic, which was
launched as part of the KNOTEN project.
Contact us

R.EK is available for interviews. Please send your inquiries to Bastian (Booking / Artist Manager)
at contact@knoten.cc.

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Contact: contact@knoten.cc

Release Credits:
composed by R.EK
Mix by Claudio Beck
Mastering by Andreas Henneberg / www.hen-mountain.de
Artwork by Davy Renaud

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