Picked Sound: Arilu – Birth Of A Starchild (Landhouse Remix)

This EP is dedicated to the awakening of humanity and the remembrance of it’s true origin as infinite, timeless cosmic beings with an indestructable core that have the power to create their own reality. According to the legends of Lemuria humans were once highly spiritually evolved beings that lived in harmony and peace with nature and each other. Lemuria was representative of great abundance, joy and wisdom and some people believe we still carry the memories of this ancient lifetime in our DNA and can access them in dreams and through meditation. Inspired by the legends of Lemuria and theirconnection to the current process of transformation and shifting that is happening on the planet right now Arilu has created a hypnotic and deep meditative journey that transcends time and space. Beautiful dreamy synth-pads, lush and spacy ambient soundscapes encompassed by warm harmonies and sweet melodies create an almost extraterrestrial feel and invite the listener to go on a magical inward journey to expand the awareness and delve into the connection with the higher self.

In addition to the 3 original tracks we invited Mente Orgánica and Landhouse – who are both part of the NUMA-Family since the very beginning – to rework their favourite track.
released June 17, 2019

Cover-Art by: Arilu
Cover by: PACAYA www.elpacaya.com
Mastered by Tilmann Eimicke (TE.BS Audio)

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