PREMIERE: Katabtu – Eternity [ LNDKHN ]

Remixers: Dolph, Menachem 26, The Oddness
Title: Eternity
Label: Landikhan/
Cat. No.: LNDKHN022
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: June 6th 2019

“When music transcends borders, genres and worlds, eternity is just the beginning. The very first EP from the up and coming producer and live performing artist Katabtu includes two original mixes and three remixes and will be released on the 6th of June on LNDKHN. The title track “Eternity” delivers a deep and progressive punch coupled with atmospheric textures and dynamic synths to bring a wide range of musical enthusiasts the sound that evokes their emotions and moves their body. Menachem 26 is showing us in his remix how well world music and squirky acid house synths fit together and how it can create music where you just want to dance all night long. The well-known artist Dolph has turned the track on its head and brings a completely new interpretation to the table that, besides of being a great piece of music, is great to keep the vibe going on the dancefloor. The third remix by The Oddness from Australia is making it complete with those analog retro drums that are perfectly suited to get your body swinging and shaking. To finish it off, Katabtu delivers “Gloam”, another original mix that shows that Downtempo/ Electronica music really has no creative limits. You can hear how a Grand Piano break in the middle and a fulminant synthesizer finale at the end can coexist with funk, swing and good old electronic beats.

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