Picked Sound: Tebra – Helm (Raw Main Remix)

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Artists //
Tebra @tebra-official
Raw Main @rawmain
Timboletti @timboletti

[Release Note]
Welcoming back Serbian producer Tebra for yet another EP of his progressive ethnic music. A year has passed since we released Krug EP and it was just the right time for some new music from one of our favorite producers. This new record features two original tracks: Helm and Mesečina.

Helm opens up with a clean sounding string arpeggio revealing itself slowly throughout the introduction. Oud melodies take over for a few bars, setting an eastern scenery and eventually leading to a minimal yet heavy drop. The piece evolves with taste as we go through enriched versions of these three sections. The atmospheric textures and vocals of the break complete this sumptuous journey through eastern electronic beats.

Mesečina emphasizes on oriental string melodies thoroughly supported by a bouncing low-end. Interesting ethnic percussions grooves and female vocals take over during the calmer parts of the piece, conveying a longing for new springs in remote places.

This time, we are gifted with remixes from two experienced producers whose work we admire. Raw Main has crafted a groovy alternative to ‘Helm’ sublimed with mind blowing synth arpeggios.

Timboletti has once again succeeded at delivering an insanely well produced remix. Beats merge with synths in a beautiful and precise way. There is a lot to discover in this rich soundscape, making sure Timboletti’s version will suit both home listeners and dancefloors enthusiasts.

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