Ron Flatter – HOW I MET THE BASS #99



Q: Your mix is full of storytellers. Do you still remember the first records you bought once?

A: Unfortunately I don´t remember the name of my first record but it was from the record story called Bongofishrecordstore in my hometown Halle and I bought 2 Acid Techno vinyls.
Q: You´re in the business about 20 years yet. What do you think did change most during this time?

A: Hair and clothes changed the most. Only Techno stayed the same. Nowadays everything feels so much faster but that isn´t bad at all. I´m not the „everything was better before“ guy. I´m happy to see things developing and I´m always curious what´s happening next.

Q: We´ve heard there is a new album coming next year. Are there any more details to talk about yet?

A: I really can´t wait to have this one out. The name of the album will be „Muscle Of Synths“ and will contain 10 tracks. It´s a dancefloor album. I just received the mastered files, so I´m really looking forward to March/April 2018.

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