Julia Govor & TMZ – The Probability EP

Julia Govor & TMZ - The Probability
Julia Govor & TMZ – The Probability

As Russia’s greatest exports in underground dance music, Julia Govor and Tripmastaz join forces to deliver ‘The Probability’ EP featuring the tripped out and ethereal techno cut ‘Equals Tree’.

Under his TMZ alias, Tripmastaz takes on a more techno-leaning motif to complement Julia Govor’s moody and evocative sound profile. Their debut collaboration shines with enveloping textures and an infectious rhythms, showcasing their talents with an expertly crafted production.

‘The Probability’ EP marks the first otting for both Julia and TMZ on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint. It also features two more originals from the pair, including the breakbeat leaning ‘1-’ and the hard-hitting ‘Plus Two’.

The digital release is out now, while the 12” will be released May 12.

A1: 1-
A2 : Plus Two
B1: Equals Tree

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