Well, it’s Robag Wruhme on a true classic by Oxia, nothing to add… except

What Robag said:
“Dear World,

Agoria asked last year if I wanted to do a remix from Oxia’s “Domino”.
Like many times in the past, I have chosen big songs, so that its double so hard to do my own interpretations. I took the offer and told myself “if you remix “Domino”, then do it in a very smart and musical way”. Not everyone who listens to both remixes will immediately recognize the song, because they are not focused on the peak time in the clubs or festivals. Instead, they are focused on the softer and loving moments on the dance floor. Don’t we need some of this in these times? #1 on the next dance charts in the USA would be nice… ☺

Greetings from Quito, RW”


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