Kora, Adriēn – Nuit D’Afrique

Kindisch Steps VI is coming: with all the usual suspects, YokoO, Satori, LUM, Marcelo Cura and In Colour as well some fresh new faces. Some of the new journeys include ‘Nuit d’Afrique’, a gentle track created by Kora and Adrien that takes us down a vivid path of perception and rhythm. Dead Tones turn up the heat a bit with ‘Saturns Compassion’, another very dusty and organic track sprinkled with an electric touch. Borzoo sends us to the dancefloor with a gritty ride through his synthetic masterpiece ‘Filarmónica’. Lepus 8’s track pulls away and open up the ceiling to reveal the stars in a big and airy track called ‘Broken Democrasy’ before Kora takes it back down to earth in a minimalistic tribal atmosphere. We look forward to what the new year brings and are excited to meet new friends and bring you more stunning works along the way

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