Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (Ruede Hagelstein Ruemix)

After the great success of Johannes Klingebiel’s debut solo EP we had absolutely no doubt that an extra package including top notch remixes by good friends of our label would be mandatory:

Berlin based Rhytch delivers the smoothest mix of the bunch, with the occasional glitch to spice it up and readjust your idea of a tight groove.
As you may have guessed Conga Fever’s Seksi Disco Remix brings you exactly everything you desire to have a hipshaking dance under the mirror ball and maybe a bit more.
Our friend and jack of all trades David Hasert provides an interpretation of Latewood you can definitely name Techno. However we would call it – it’s absolutely fire in the hole!
Last but not least Watergate resident Ruede Hagelstein strips the track down to its core parts and proves that the concept of “less is more” is not just a theoretical, but a very practical and danceable one.


1. Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (Rhytch Remix)
2. Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (Conga Fever’s Seksi Disco Remix)
3. Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (David Hasert Remix)
4. Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (Ruede Hagelstein Ruemix)

Exclusive start on 02.09.16
Release date: 09.09.16

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