Tolstoi & Andsan – Back Then

‘1970s’ EP by Tolstoi & Andsan, forever grooving on Underground Audio.

What UA have to say:

Underground Audio is excited to take a step back in time to the days of disco with the brand new EP ‘1970s’ by Tolstoi & Andsan. Making their debut on the label, the duo hailing from Cologne, Germany bring two seriously groovy originals that share very prominent funk and disco influences throughout.

The EP opens with ‘Grind’ and laces thick, funky grooves with suspenseful buildups and big drops, making it ideal for peak-time application. The track is complimented further with a very hypnotic remix by the very talented Francisco Allendes. Taking a stripped back and percussive approach, his remix is filled with layers of fast yet tense build-ups, polished to perfection with a smooth, resonating bassline underneath.

Continuing in similar form with ‘Back Then’, and immediately the fast-moving, heavily funk inspired bassline sets the mood of a classic groovy track. Addition of catchy vocal snaps and a well crafted drum beat keep the track pushing and grooving.

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