Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka feat. Abigail Wyles “Halo”

Der Sound mit gesäuseltem Gesang und seichten Beats ist ja irgendwie gerade in oder? Und seit Llama del Rey sind Videoschnipsel Videos ja auch wieder en vogue. Aber uns gefällts. Vielleicht sind wir einfach nur “in Stimmung” dafür.


scheinbar wurde das alles selbst gedreht: “The Halo video was completed in just over a week, from paper to screen, and shot in one endless night in Berlin on Friday 13th of January. Everyone’s schedule was tight, and we could only shoot on one day, so we got busy fast and started racing all over town pulling it all together. We summoned some legendary help – the wonderful Celyn Smyth, our lead role, director Ingo Schiller, who became assistant director and cameraman for the project, and a few days later our post production expert Robert Rauchfuss. Everyone pooled in at the crucial moment and heaved out the monster of a shoot, that in the end became a race to finish before the sun came up. This involved: staying up for 31 hours, Taking twice our weights in sandbags up 4 flights of steps (they’re heavier than they look), screaming the poor little trabant car at 90 kph through its native east Berlin to return it on time, and a lot of cussing and bad German phonecalls. It was pretty intense, but it’s all over now, and all are relaxed and satisfied – so what’s next?”

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