SOTD: Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Vox Mix)

“What goes around just comes around” kennen wir in den unterschiedlichsten Variationen. Dass sich die Dänen Noir und Haze vom Label Noir Music des Themas nun annehmen klingt erstmal ganz in Ordnung. Mit dem Solomun Remix wird es aber bombastisch. Und wir alle singen mit:

Have you ever felt like you’ve been hurt before? By the ones that said they only loved you more.

Inflicted pain and scars of sorrow. Like an empty shell I wait for tomorrow.

I sit there wondering why you walked away. Did I ever do you wrong in any way?

Was it something I said to you that made you change?

There is no more sun; there’s only cloudy days. Yeah.

What goes around, will come around, and come back and get ya.

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