SOTD: Ruede Hagelstein – Give A Little Slap To Your Soul

“Who am I? That’s what Ruede Hagelstein asks himself when he looks at the reflection in the mirror every morning when he gets up. Then the image goes into the studio and produces tracks for Upon You for him. The first one sings „Give a little slap to your soul” darkly and romanticly at a relaxed 120 bpm into the mike and has taken up lodgings on A1 of our UY 047. The second plays piano, even if just paraphrased. The B1 beat requires a slightly faster dancer that A1. Then the third member of the group on B2 with a quite definitive minimal touch, sounds a bit like Peter and the Wolf at the LSD Opera…hop hop off you go then my lovelies….”

So und nicht anders lesen sich richtig schön durchgeknallte Promotexte. Der Sound ist dafür im positiven Sinne verschlafen, wie wir heute morgen. Aber Ruede Hagelstein wirds schon richten.

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