Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 2

Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 2
Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 2

We told you there is a part 2 after the phenomenal Part 1 we brought to you in April

This second part EP takes off with Fred Everything & Hollis P Monroe’s “Jessie’s Couch”, which brings back a two step groove with this classic Detroit atmosphere that cannot help but pull you in. This future classic’s warm bass and moody pads guarantee the track a long life still to come.
Next up we have our very own Larse’s “Haunted” with a deep, dark, sexy and forward drive. This 90’s inspired jam reminds us why we love Larse so much. With a powerful bassline and great female vocal sample this tune will not leave our record case for a while!
Then we have TrueSelf’s “Next Chapter” featuring Atjazz. This track is a perfect example to the talk of breaks and UK garage infused house music having a comeback – if this tune is anything to go by they are right! TrueSelf even dives back into broken beats to bring us this beauty.
Till Von Sein is back doing, what he does so well. “Venao Jam” is another deep repetitive beauty. Till’s expertise with percussions and groove makes this track ready for the summer.
Black Loops’ “Climax” with its killer bassline drives this track forward, driven by a 90s-hiphopish sample and bright summer chords. We can’t wait to hear this at festivals and open airs around the globe.
Jacob Korn’s playful ravish track „On The Move“ is a testament to his unique and diverse styles. It’s a journey into the producers mind.
release date: May 26th, 2017


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Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 1

 Suol - Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 1
Suol Summer Daze 2017 Pt. 1

A new year a new Suol Summer Daze. Suol Records gathers artists from their Suol family to put together tracks with that special sunbeams and summer atmosphere – soulful deep house music.

After some years of the compilation being released in the familiar format of an album with a tight tour de force of tracks, Soul-Team decided to try with a new form – this issue will be a series of 3 compilation EPs. Now you have to buy 3 pieces instead of one. Business call this upscaling. Each EP will therefore consist of 6 previously unreleased tracks from both Suol and the extended family.

This EP takes off with Atjazz’ “Programme Sunlight”, which is a trippy deep summer groove. Chopstick & Johnjon’s “Last Night” with a solid bassline and atmospheric build up. Then there is Matthias Vogt’s “Chanterelle” with fancy Jazz background and precise attention to details. M.ono’s “Wanna Give” serves a driving african groove, classic House piano riffs and vocal samples, a dancefloor pleaser. Carlo’s “Got Ya”, is Disco Funk is some infused House tune. In the blend of the crispy House music you’ll also find tracks of a more R&B like sound, with vocals and catchy hooks. As in the sixth and last track (for this part), Meggy & Tigerskin’s “Bygone Eras” show some groove and vocals to modern dance music.

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Larse – On Canvas Pt. 2 EP

Larse “On Canvas Pt. 2” EP

Dortmund producer Larse is back on SUOL with part two of “On Canvas“, quickly following up on part one, which was released in May, receiving rave reviews by media tastemakers such as Magnetic Magazine and When We Dip and DJ support by the likes of Claptone, Huxley, Kölsch, Adana Twins and Tensnake, to only name a few.

Once again bridging the gap between eclectic, soulful grooves and dance floor compatibility, Larse offers up four new cuts in his trademark style, which had already earned him releases on such iconic labels as DFA, Defected, Eskimo and Noir before he joined the SUOL family.

“On Canvas Pt. 2” begins with the appropriately titled “Beat Goes On”. The track builds on a shuffling drum machine beat and triggered sub bass, adding smooth organ stabs and a catchy little synth melody, working towards a crescendo of violins on top of soaring pads before the groove takes you home.

“In And Out” lays it down with a touch of disco fused with 80s style analogue synths and a massive sub for a good three minutes to form the foundation for a piece of classic song writing and an inspired performance by guest vocalist HRRSN of Tender Games fame.

Track three is “Taboche”, named after a 6000 metre mountain in the Himalayas – watching a late night documentary after finishing the track was a source of inspiration here. Organic percussion and crisply recorded hand claps take the lead here rhythmically, supported by a machine kick and Moog bass. With this solid groove keeping the dancers safely in place, their heads are free to float up to the mountaintop, carried aloft by dreamy flutes and guitar melodies, plenty of reverb and swirling delay feedback.
The EP is rounded off with an instrumental version of “In And Out”.

release date: September 30th, 2016
label: Suol
catalog no: Suol066

To get your feeling about the upcoming EP listen to Part 1 here:

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Pitto – Fly Like A Bird

Dass die Niederländer die Sache mit der elektronischen Tanzmusik beherrschen, ist sicherlich bekannt. Richtig interessant wird es für den hiesigen 4/4-Interessierten aber erst, wenn besagte Niederländer eigentlich eine poppige Nummer rausschmeissen und Profiveredler wie Till Von Sein/Tigerskin (Suol) oder die Sonar Kollektiv Jungs Barck & ComixXx da mal rangehen. Da wird dann aus der poppigen Nummer schnell ein solides Housebrett. Wir nehmens mit und versuchen auch mal so luftig leicht Xylophon spielen zu können wir die samples es hier andeuten.

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SOTD: Chopstick & Johnjon – Listen

Listening to this loud with my headphones on, smoking some and watching the stars.

What more could I ask for?

Das schreibt Nutzer dace002 unter den Song auf YouTube. Ganz so weit wollen wir nicht gehen, denn wir sind uns auch nicht zu schade die Nummer am hellichten Tage zu hören. Suol-Chef Chopstick mit seinem Labelpartner Johnjon auf ihrer EP Versions in feinster Housemanier, mit einem dermaßen schmatzenden Beat, dass wir gleich nochmal nachbestellen wollen. Auf auf ins Wochenende.

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SOTD: Trickski – Pill Collins

Downtempo ist king. Und kein Label feiert das momentan so ab wie Suol. Neben Till von Sein und Fritz Kalkbrenner wartet der Laden von Chopstick mit weiteren interessanten Künstlern auf. Vorraussetzung ist nur, dass sie sich der langsamereren aber trotzdem groovigen, druckvollen und immer noch sehr gut tanzbaren elektronischen (Soul)Musik zugehörig fühlen. So scheint es bei Trickski der Fall zu sein. Deren Nummer Pill Collins zwar von 2010 ist, aber wir finden typisch für den Sound von Suol zu sein scheint.

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Links Links Links & looking at things

Ein paar Links mit nordkoreanischen Diktatoren, ihren Söhnen, grundehrlichen deutschen Politikern, Skifahrern, Fernsehzeitungen und Radioshowmachern aus Berlin.

“Ich liebe meine Fernsehzeitung”

Kim Jong Il looking at things


Kim Jong Un looking at things


Christian Wulff looking at things


Karl Theodor looking at things

Berlin Mitte Institut SUOL Label show Download

und zu guter letzt fahren wir jetzt auch noch Ski. In der Stadt. Auf Asphalt. In cool.

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.


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