Power Outage – Imagine

Founded in 2016, Brooklyn-based techno label Afterwave Records announces its first compilation “Technoscope” dropping Oct 21 and offers up a 15-minute abum “mini-mix” streaming here. You can also check out the hypnotic new visuals teasing the release .

WithTechnoscope, Afterwave Records serves up a short & sweet debut compilation of straight-up late-night club arsenals by the label’s talented cast of Brooklyn-based beatsmiths. The six-track EP lures listeners in with “Grains Of Sand” by Brooklyn artist Buzzi featuring vocals by Human A (Heather Celeste), a stripped-back production with spellbinding composure. By joining forces as Power Outage, label co-founders Krames and William B conceive “Imagine” that hits hard with disorienting synths and pounding percussion. Krames’ “Acid Drip” is a trippy little track that lives up to its name with acid-tinged elements and immersive, funky atmospheres. “A Fireside Chat” evokes a sense of darkness enveloping Kleinfeld’s signature meticulous Detroit-leaning techno production, taking the listener on the sonic equivalent of a haunted roller coaster ride. William B’s “I Don’t Want To Dance” is an instant classic, with hypnotic vocals by Krames repeating “I don’t want to dance, but I have to”, the song becoming gradually harder and more intense the longer it plays on. Katie Rex’s “He’s A Cancer” ends on a high note with dizzying, dissonant beat work and a simultaneously haunting and uplifting melody.

Label co-founder Krames discusses the inception of Afterwave Records with his label partner (and fellow Afterwave artist) William B: “William B and I became engulfed in the world of modular synthesizers and our intrigue into the history of this instrument inspired us to build modules and perform live sets. The idea of Afterwave Records came about as an outlet to share the music both us and our collective of artists were making and playing at our parties in Brooklyn; as well as, to be able to release both modular synth music and techno for the dance-floor on the same label.”

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Kora, Adriēn – Nuit D’Afrique

Kindisch Steps VI is coming: with all the usual suspects, YokoO, Satori, LUM, Marcelo Cura and In Colour as well some fresh new faces. Some of the new journeys include ‘Nuit d’Afrique’, a gentle track created by Kora and Adrien that takes us down a vivid path of perception and rhythm. Dead Tones turn up the heat a bit with ‘Saturns Compassion’, another very dusty and organic track sprinkled with an electric touch. Borzoo sends us to the dancefloor with a gritty ride through his synthetic masterpiece ‘Filarmónica’. Lepus 8’s track pulls away and open up the ceiling to reveal the stars in a big and airy track called ‘Broken Democrasy’ before Kora takes it back down to earth in a minimalistic tribal atmosphere. We look forward to what the new year brings and are excited to meet new friends and bring you more stunning works along the way

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Ninetoes – All Night Long

After the premiere of ‘Lay Down’, Ninetoes, aka German producer Özgür Yelmen brings his next track this time coming on Moon Harbour, and the single has brothers Santè and Re.You appearing together for the first time ever as remixers on the same EP.

The debut transmission today is the lead track ‘All Night Long,’ a texturally rich tech house cut with plenty of grit in the drums and coarse hits, but a smooth sense of soul in the subtle vocal yells that are buried in the groove. It is a peak time cut with real heart as well as plenty of drive, and is sure to become another big anthem for the man behind it.

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rO (Roderic) – Perfect Mirror LP

A perfect mirror showing you emotions and cold pictures, new facets and something about your past. A “Perfect Mirror“ is a great option to discover yourself and Roderic is bringing the perfect sound for that. With our second longplayer on Katermukke we’re introducing the Mexico based act, who is playing piano keys since his childhood. African hand drums and other instruments -Roderic is making clear, that electronic music can be based on every sound, organic or synthetic ones. The vocals are fresh and without any pressure – just catchy and natural. And so “Perfect Mirror“ is taking us on a trip from the atmospheric and introspective to the driving and relentless world of a young and talented producer. On the sandy dancefloor or just laid back on your couch while watching the sundown – you will feel comfortable with something refreshing in your ears. Out middle of October on Katermukke.

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The Black 80s – What You Say Now (Till von Sein & Tigerskin Remix)

The Black 80s Remixes
The Black 80s Remixes

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Montreal duo The Black 80s, Hollis P. Monroe and Singer Overnitemusic. They make sultry, sleazy house/electronica for dancefloors and home stereos, a little in the vein of Art Department and AZARI & III. Sonar Kollektiv recently release their debut album ‘Heart To Art’, and this 808-electro banger remix from Till von Sein + Tigerskin is taken from the new ‘Remixes’ EP.

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Bonus Points – Long Exposure

Time for some dope and jazzy HipHop.
Chillhop’s Fall Essentials compilation is nearly 20 tracks deep with warm & relaxing sonic goodness, featuring a mix of knockout tracks from our resident beat smiths and powerful debuts from a handful of new faces. It’s best enjoyed with sips of hot coffee, watching as amber leaves float effortlessly to the ground. Sit back and enjoy another hour of Chillhop goodness!

Bonus Points » @bonuspoints

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Boy George & Vanilla Ace feat. Katerina Themis – Just Another Guy (Tvardovsky Remix)

Out of the Remixes EP for Vanilla Ace and Boy George’s ‘Just Another Guy’ single which one has released a long time ago. To the work on a single, guys invited a London-based singer and a model Katerina Themis, the daughter of famous composer John Themis who worked with George Michael, Dido and Rod Stewart, release include remixes from Tvardovsky, Vision Factory, Bara Brost, Baut, Jaques Le Noir. Enjoy!

get your copy on Dear Deer Records

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